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So the Child in Back is


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Between 30 and 50 children could die this year in North America from hyperthermia when left behind in vehicles, where the inside temperature can rise 40° in less than 45 minutes. A child's body temperature can rise 3 to 5 times faster than an adult's.

Don’t think “it could never happen to me.” We are all incredibly busy; sidetracked by cell phone conversations and rushing to make tight schedules. Any slight change in your daily pattern and you could easily walk away from your vehicle with the quiet, sleeping child in the back.


If your spouse or nanny takes the child to daycare only one day a week, his/her driving routine could lead to such an oversight.


The Amazingly Practical VizKID is a unique newborn baby gift for parents of both boys and girls.

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habit change

  1. Baby in back?
  2. Buckle VizKID into front seat.
  3. Baby out?
  4. Put VizKID on floor, or Buckle VizKID down on its side or in baby car seat.

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VisibleKIDS donates a portion of the proceeds from every unit sold to Safe Kids USA and


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