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  VizKID image   The Driver's Front-seat Buddy
To Constantly Remind Driver and Alert Outsiders,

VisibleKIDS was founded as a not-for-profit
company by a group of old friends now living in
Texas, California and Ohio. They were all aware
of the increasing number of hot car tragedies
involving children mistakenly left behind in
vehicles. Even as early as 2008, it was very
evident that this annual recurrence, ranging
from 30 to 50 child-in-car hyperthermia deaths
per year, would not go away. Parents and other
drivers of children are just as preoccupied as
any other drivers with cell phones and slight
changes to their "daily routines," to always
realize there's a sleeping child in the back seat.

After considering all methods of truly changing
our habits, which is much harder than any of us
can accept, and also accounting for the very
feasible technical solutions of seat sensors and
distance sensors (solutions that are always
limited by battery life in 110 to 170 in-vehicle
temperatures and limited distance range
success), the group developed the VizKID. The
use of ordinary household items as in-car
reminders simply doesn't hold up as a habit,
particularly when you keep in mind there is more
than one driver for a child. The VizKID stands
out to ANY driver of the car.

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  • You, the driver, can’t ignore it!
  • It’s only in the car for one purpose, no matter who’s driving the car!
  • Once the driver stands the VizKID up, outside passersby also see the sleepy smiley face!     A New Message has now been sent “There Really is a Baby in Back, NOW!!”
  • The VizKID weighs under 2 pounds, has a neoprene cover to offset heat, and is composed of soft, flexible foam.

We only have ONE GOAL:
            Let’s End These Tragedies, NOW !!!        Let’s Force ourselves to Change our Habits, today!!!

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VisibleKIDS, LLC
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